Weighing your Baggage


The baggage series may have been over but going through all of the modules once more lead me to reflect about our baggage and how we could lighten the load. “Don’t change the mountain, let … Read More

Step back, Stand out.


In this world, it is easy to set aside everyone else and focus on your life ambitions. Material ambitions are often within easy reach if you would just devote your whole life to your job. … Read More

Renew You


At the beginning of each year, there should be change. Or so goes in the minds of most people at the start of the New Year. Thus they buy posh new planners, write resolutions, plan … Read More

PG at BGC : One Year & Counting

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It will be officially one year since we moved to Bonifacio Global City. Over the course of this first year there has been some amazing growth. We’ve seen new individuals come and get connected to … Read More

Easter Week


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Leaping Over the Selfie Life


I recently came across a TED talk video by Daniel Goleman, the author of Emotional Intelligence, that piqued my interest. The byline was “Why aren’t we more compassionate?”  So why aren’t we? An illustration from … Read More