Weighing your Baggage


The baggage series may have been over but going through all of the modules once more lead me to reflect about our baggage and how we could lighten the load.

“Don’t change the mountain, let the mountain change you.”

This simple adage has been memorized by heart by most mountaineers. The premise is simple, any mountain, whether high or low, has the capacity to change you if you allow it to as long as you try to preserve its pristine condition. Nature has to be preserved and protected from us.

As an avid mountaineer myself, I have taken this saying to heart every time I climb. I may not have that much altitude under my belt, but I had my share of the fun and the dangers of climbing a mountain. I can surely attest that one mountain can give you a variety of experiences. It is never the same, thus it is worth coming back. I can also attest that the higher the climb, the longer the preparation and the bigger the requirements. The baggage you carry should always be bigger when you climb a higher mountain.

I have noticed that whenever the hike takes several days, the pack should be bigger because of all the supplies. Usually those trips happen with higher mountains. Food, sleeping materials, and many other survival gears should comprise the pack.

The same thing could be applied to life. The bigger the problem, the bigger the baggage you carry. The anxiety is always higher whenever the problems are bigger. Whenever we pass through various circumstances in our lives: sickness, relationship fails, financial drain among others, our baggage tend to be bigger. Our worry, anxiety, stress and emotions tend to be heavier.

Anyone climbing the mountain of life will learn that. I have!

In one fell swoop, I lost a business, failed a relationship, failed a stage production, left a ministry for granted and faced a board grilling me on what happened. It was painful, the weight of it was enormous. Questions after questions kept pressing on me day and night: Was I ever good enough for her? Why is this happening to me? Where will I go now? When will this ever end?

This mountain was huge! The questions and the emotional strain piled up. My mental and emotional baggage were more than I could carry. I thought there was no hope. I thought this was my end. I thought that it is better to go away and start over somewhere else.

If ever you find your self in this situation, remember one mountaineering fact: any heavy baggage becomes lighter as you reach the peak and as you descend. This is because as you go up you get to see the peak, and once you reach the peak you will see the most breath taking view that will take all your anxieties away.

The same thing happens in life, as you glimpse of the high peak, you feel your baggage lightens. The more you trudge forward and reach the pinnacle of your mountain, you will see a loving God at the top waiting to carry you. You will find that at the top is not the end but the most beautiful experience you could ever have with a loving God. This too is true.

The peak is actually God. The path you take to go up calls for you to strip off all your heavy load slowly, and eventually lighten your baggage because God wants you to surrender all of it to Him. Leave all the bitterness, the hurt, the broken pride and all the other emotional baggage to Him and descend with a renewed purpose and strength to do His bidding. He assures us these words:

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”  Matthew 11:28-30 ESV

If your soul is weighed down by your baggage, come up, strip it off and leave it all to Him. Then, descend and carry Christ’s baggage because He holds it with you.